You Need To Know About Scaleway VPS

Scaleway has 2 totally different offers: Dedicated and VPS servers. Their originality lies within the indisputable fact that they provide AN ARM dedicated server, named C1 (they claim to be the firsts to try and do so). it's four cores, 2GB ram, and 50GB SSD. The remaining a part of their provider is a lot of or less what we're accustomed seeing: x86 cores, smart quantity of memory, and for every server conjointly fifty GB SSD. If you wish extra space, you will raise up to one hundred fifty GB, with fifty GB increments.
Scaleway's VPS to be low-cost and powerful enough for a few straightforward websites. however there area unit some downsides. It misses some smart options of OVH's manager, just like the computer hardware usage / Memory graph directly integrated into the panel. I conjointly miss the likelihood to possess correct backups. Currently, you have got to either use their snapshots system (which could be a bit painful) or have it off yourself.

When trying to find cloud servers for your company, it's higher to settle on reliable and large players within the market WHO provide complete support. in contrast to the large 3 (Google, Azure, and AWS), those suppliers do not provide a great deal of various infrastructure product.

Where is Scaleway VPS located?
Scaleway presently lives within the DC2 and DC3 datacenters, all placed close to Paris, France.

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