Norway May 2019

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Audi e-Tron and Jaguar i-Pace shine

Last month, BEVs registrations were up 60% YoY, in a stagnating market (-1%), with every other fuel source dropping, which lead to a significant BEV (36%) share, a big departure from the 22% of May '18. 

In this context, the current 56% PEV share in 2019 should grow to over 65% PEV share this year, with peak months possibly reaching 75%. 

And things could even had been better, if PHEV sales weren't going through a deep (sky) diving moment, with their sales dropping 45% YoY in May, representing just 11% of the overall market...

Looking at the remaining fuels mix, diesel seems to have bottomed out, at 17% share, the same score as May '18, while petrol just keeps on dropping, scoring just 18% share (26% a year ago).

So, in May, regular ICE engined vehicles had little more than one third of the Norwegian automotive market. How long will it take others to reach this level of disruption?

Looking at last month Top Sellers, the Tesla Model 3 remained in chill mode last month, delivering just 705 units, while it waits for the June deliveries peak, allowing the VW e-Golf to the monthly Best Seller for the second time in a row, with 779 registrations, an impressive performance for a model that is watching its sunset in less than a year.

But it was below these two that things got interesting, with the Audi e-Tron reaching a podium seat, with 530 deliveries, while the #4 Jaguar i-Pace is developing a following here, having scored 510 sales, its best result to date in Norway.

Looking at the 2019 ranking, the big news were again the Audi e-Tron and Jaguar i-Pace, with the first jumping two positions, to #7, while the second reached #6, and with the #5 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV not that far away, we could even see these two climb another step in the ranking. 

Elsewhere, Volvo saw its new V60 PHEV jump two spots, to #15, thanks to 203 registrations, the nameplate best result since 2017, so it seems despite the Model 3 and Volvo's own XC60, there is still a sizeable market for a plugin station wagon...Who would have thought? (sarcasm off)

Finally, we have a new face in #19, with the Mini Countryman PHEV joining the ranking (for how long?), thanks to a record score of 117 registrations in May.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Tesla is uncontested leader (26%, down 1%), being followed by the previous leaders Volkswagen (13%, up 1%) and BMW (10%, down 1%), while the #4  Hyundai (also with 10%) is running closer and closer to the German maker.

If the 2019 title seems already attributed, i guess in 2020 Volkswagen will have a shot at displacing Tesla from the lead, but for that it needs the ID.3 hatchback production ramp up to go smoothly.

Models breakdown by Fuel Source

This month there was some good news and some bad news, first the bad:

- For the first time in a long, long time, there was an unplugged hybrid (Toyota RAV4) outselling the best selling plugins;

- A regular ICE model (Skoda Octavia) managed to reach the Top 10, a first in 2019.

Now the good:

-  The impressive score from the RAV4 is explained by pent up demand of the new generation, so i doubt the Japanese crossover will repeat this score soon;

- Skoda will launch the Superb PHEV soon, which could displace demand from the Octavia to its pluggable sibling;

- There were still 6 BEVs in the Top 10, earning the majority of seats, with HEVs only winning two seats (#1 RAV4 and #8 Yaris), with the remaining places being distributed by ICE (#7 Octavia) and PHEVs (#10 Outlander), in what was the PHEV worst performance in years. A sign of the times?

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