New Zealand May 2019

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Mini Countryman PHEV: Who said plugins had to be boring or nerdy?

Mini Countryman PHEV and VW e-Golf shine in hot market

Plugins remain a hot item in New Zealand, last month, 191 new PEVs (2,5% PEV share)were sold in New Zealand, pulling the year result at a record 2% share, a significant improvement over the 1.4% of 2018 and giving hope for 2,5% result by year end.

Looking at the models ranking, the leader Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (33 units) lost some ground to the runner-up Hyundai Kona EV, that registered 6 more units (39, in total) than the Japanese SUV. 

One wonders how much higher would the Hyundai model be, if it wasn't battery constrained...

Elsewhere, two models shined in May, jumping positions in the ranking, the forever-young VW e-Golf hit a record 28 registrations last month, allowing it to reach a podium seat (#3), while the Mini Countryman PHEV came out of nowhere to 4th, thanks to 31 deliveries

Despite a short electric range and Premium pricing, the British crossover model is proving to be a success in several markets, which shows that a plugin can be successfull even if the EV specs are underwhelming.

Good month also for the Tesla brand, that registered 16 units last month, and with the Model 3 said to land in the coming months, expect Tesla's Kiwi stores to work overtime during the austral winter...

In the Manufacturers ranking, Hyundai is leading the way, with 28% share, while the seven times Best Selling Manufacturer Mitsubishi is in Second Place (22%), with Tesla (9%) in Third, being closely followed by Volkswagen (8%). 

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