Make $5000 / Month With Software and LinkedIn

The Best and most efficient way to get clients is via LinkedIn. Purely predicated on the fact that you can get into contact with the owners/CEO's of companies as opposed to just that you can create in order to get people to come directly to you!

Beef out your profile with information about you including many relevant keywords in your headline and summary.

By filling out your profile fully, you're showing LinkedIn that you are serious about it and they will be more likely to show your profile to more people in the long run.

This will eventually lead to business owners looking at your profile and contacting info.

It seems trivial, however having professional pictures in extremely important. It plays a huge factor on what people think of you and how Likely they are to check out your profile

You must have a professional profile picture - A clear shot of your face - And also a professional branded banner image containing your URL and some information on your service.

 At the minimum, you should have 500 connections or more since this is the point at which LinkedIn stop showing your followers count and display "500+ connections" instead.

If you have any less than this, it will have an impact on the way your profile is perceived by others, Including business owners. Focus on connecting with a mixture of business owners and professionals similar to you.

By typing into search bat something related to the service you are offering, and filtering that search by "content" you will be able to see people who are searching for your service.

You can then connect with them, mention that you saw they were looking for your service, then send them your case studies and other details.

I use Figma when it comes to designing anything. It's great for designing things like Instagram posts, websites, advertisement, banners, and more importantly software.

LinkedIn is and most likely always will be my #1 source of clients for my company. It's an amazing tool for outreach and for positioning yourself in front of thousands of business owners at a time.

Later has become a huge part of my software arsenal and is what I use for scheduling Instagram posts. It's reliable and has great analytics.

Divi is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily build extremely high-quality and responsive websites. Whenever I start a new business, Divi is my go-to when building the business website.

When you build a new website, you'll need somewhere to host it. Bluehost goes hand-in-hand with Divi & WordPress sp it's always my go-to for hosting. It's cheap and effective.

When running a business, it's important to keep track of income & expense (bookkeeping). To do this, I use FreeAgent which allows me to generate invoices for my mentoring students and bigger agency clients.

Crunchbase is what I use when I want to find startups who are VC-backed. I can even go as deep as finding startups who have received an investment of over $500,000 in the past 6 months. It's my favorite prospecting tool.

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