Global Top 20 - April 2019

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How high will the Kona EV go?

Models: Hyundai Kona EV joins the Top 10

Registrations grew 29% YoY in April, to over 166.000 units, pulling the year to date count to over 662.000 (+52% YoY), and the April PEV share hitting 2,1%, in line with the 2019 result (2,1%). 

The market slowdown can be mostly attributed to PHEVs, as BEVs grew faster than the plugin average, with +43% YoY, allowing them to outsell plugin hybrids, with all-electrics having 71% of the plugin market last month. 

After March's record-breaking performance of the Tesla Model 3, this month things were noticeably quieter in the front, with the first position change happening only in #5, with the BYD e5 surpassing its BYD Tang PHEV sibling.

The Geely Emgrand EV climbed one spot, to #8, and with the #7 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV only 693 units ahead, the Chinese sedan could climb higher soon.

Two small Chinese EVs climbed positions last month, with the Chery eQ (4.129 units, new year best), climbing to #11, while the JAC iEV E-Series jumped two spots, to #18.

The Hyundai Kona EV continues to climb the ranking steps, now joining the Top 10, and could rise even further as the year (and battery supply) develops;

Finally, a mention to two models, with the BMW 530e/Le twins jumping two spots, to #13, thanks to 4.431 units, with the majority of them being registered in China, while the Roewe Ei5 hit a year best score of 4.003 registrations, now being the Best Selling SAIC in the ranking.

Manufacturers: Tesla and BYD play in a different league

April saw Tesla and BYD run at neck-breaking pace, with both almost doubling the deliveries of the #3 SAIC. 

For now, BYD is running ahead, with close to a 9.000 units lead, that should keep it in #1 in May, but with Tesla expected to have another deliveries peak in June, things can change then.  

Returning to the little league, in th
e race for the 3rd spot, SAIC won some lead over the competition, with BAIC sinking and BMW and Nissan climbing one spot each.

Looking elsewhere, Volkswagen had a record performance, with 8.235 registrations, most of them coming from China, so we could be witnessing the first moments of the "Empire Strikes Back" move, and that's still without the ID family (and new Passat GTE) reaching the market...It seems the news of the VW death were widely exagerated, weren't they?

JAC jumped two spots, to #13, and the #15 Chery were the climbers of the month, but the most surprising move was Toyota climbing two spots, to #17, mostly thanks to their Chinese operations (read PHEV Corolla), that outsold the Prius PHEV.

So, BMW, VW and Toyota were all benefiting from the Chinese market to climb positions in the ranking. Do you see a trend here?...

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