Global Top 5 - Mid Game Bet (Q1 2019)

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Hot. Smokin' hot...

With March numbers still coming in, we can already say that the Tesla Model 3 is the Q1 '19 Best Seller.

2019 Top 5 Models

1. Tesla Model 3 - 51k

2. BYD Yuan EV - 25k

3. Nissan Leaf - 21k

4. BAIC EU-Series - 20k

5. BYD Tang PHEV - 15k

5. BYD e5 - 15k


As for carmakers, BYD (71k) is still ahead, but Tesla (63k) is closing in. The #3 SAIC (27k) is already far behind, so the top two are really in league of their own.

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