Global Top 20 - March 2019

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Models: Tesla Model 3 Tsunami (Global edition)

Registrations grew 53%  YoY in March, to over 224.000 units, pulling the year to date count to half a million (+58% YoY), with Chinese plugins representing 50% of all deliveries, with March PEV share hitting 2,8%, allowing the 2019 number to cross North of the 2% mark. 

BEVs grew faster than the plugin average, at +77% YoY, allowing them to gain share (+4%) over PHEVs, with all-electrics scoring 74% of the market last month. 

If the headlining news in March was the record-breaking performance of the Tesla Model 3 (over 33.000 units!), allowing the Tesla midsizer to already double the deliveries of the runner-up BYD Yuan EV, below it, we see a number of interesting moves:

- The BAIC EU-Series scored a record performance, with over 13.000 deliveries, allowing it to jump 7 spots, to 4th, with the sedan now being the maker bread and butter model;

- Another Chinese sedan jumping positions is the BYD e5, up 4 spots to #6, while two BMW hit record numbers, with the i3 hot hatch registering 4.038 units last month (who said the Model 3 would eat the BMW i3 lunch?...) and climbing one place to #11, while the 530e sedan scored 4.564 units, jumping 5 positions to #15;

- The Hyundai Kona continues to climb the ranking, now at #12, and should rise even further as the year (and battery supply) develops;

Elsewhere, the evergreen Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV scored its best result since 2015, with 5.725 registrations, an admirable success story for the Japanese brand, especially considering the current headwinds that PHEVs are experiencing. 

Finally, a mention to two re-entries, after a horrible start of the year, the Toyota Prius PHEV returned to the company of the Best Sellers, while the recent Great Wall Ora R1 EV also joined the Top 20, at #18, thanks to a record 4.002 units, and with its larger sibling Ora iQ5 EV crossover at #21, both Ora nameplates are set to become regular Top 20 faces.

Manufacturers: Tesla edges closer to BYD

March saw Tesla come closer to the leader BYD, thanks to a near-record 38.000 deliveries, but BYD was also in warp speed (29.000 units),  so we should see an entertaining Q2 '19 race between these two plugin giants. 

Leaving the fast and furious league, to see th
e race for the 3rd spot, SAIC is still ahead of the competition, but saw them getting closer, particularly BAIC, that after a horror-movie start of the year, is back with a vengeance, jumping 7 spots to 4th, willing to steal the Bronze medal from its Shanghai rival.

Looking elsewhere, two manufacturers had record performances, with Great Wall jumping to #10, thanks to 7.141 units, mostly thanks to its Ora EV sub-brand, as the WEY plugins haven't really set the market on fire…

Kia had also a record 5.247 units, with both Niro's (BEV and PHEV) pulling the Korean ship upwards.

At the bottom of the ranking, Renault climbed one spot, to #14, with the Chinese JAC and Hawtai also climbing positions, to #15 and #17, respectively.

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