Denmark March 2019

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Tesla Model 3 and the Koreans

After a memorable 2018, where PEV sales almost tripled, sales continue going through the roof this year, with 4,289 units so far, placing the 2019 PEV share at 3%, not only a significant jump regarding the 2018 score (2%), but also well above the absolute record (2.3%), set in 2015.

Regarding last year, BEVs recovered significant ground, now being responsible for 47% of plugin sales, much better than the 32% won last year. 

This recent uptick in BEV sales is thanks to the addition of three new models, with the Tesla Model 3 jumping to 2nd place in the 2019 ranking, while being the Best Seller in March, whil the Hyundai Kona EV is #4, with 208 units, and the just-landed Kia Niro EV is now #6, with 119 deliveries.

Despite the Tesla Model 3 thundering arrival, the Kia Niro PHEV is still the leader in the YTD ranking, underlining the an interesting feature of this market, as 5 out of the Top 6 models come from Korea.

In the Manufacturers ranking, last year leader Kia continues to be the Best Selling brand (22%), with Tesla and Hyundai, both with 9% share, filling the remaining podium places.

Tesla Model 3 & the ICE competition

2019 sales  
VW Passat
Tesla Model 3
Mercedes C-Class
BMW 3-Series
Volvo S/V60

One of the question marks around the Model 3 in Europe, regarded the impact that it was going to make on this side of the Atlantic, will it disrupt the PEV and ICE sedan market in the same way that it is doing in the US, or will it be more subdued, because it is playing away from home?

The answer is now being written, comparing the Model 3 with the competition, its 306 deliveries in March allowed it to beat every competitor in its category.

But looking at the total Q1 registrations, the Tesla Model 3 was 2nd, behind the VW Passat, in the future expect the Model 3 to jump ahead soon, although the new PHEV versions of the Volvo S/V60, VW Passat and BMW 3-Series could boost their sales and race the Californian for the leadership. 

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