A few words abouth the current Ghosn situation

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Back in 2010-11, when the current EV Revolution was in its infancy, and Tesla was still a tiny baby croc, it was this man, Carlos Ghosn, head of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, that was the flag bearer of the EV club, being the only Legacy OEM top executive believing that the new technology would soon change the automotive landscape forever.

The Nissan Leaf was the face of this belief, and almost 400.000 units later, it is proving he was right.

If for nothing else, the fact that he held the Electric Fort in those early years, will place him in the future History of the Electric Car.

I wish that the prosecuters make a swift investigation and all this comotion ends, because with or without conviction, the important is that Renault and, above all, Nissan, don't get distracted with this scandal and proceed with their electrification plans.

Let's hope the postponement of the 60 kWh Leaf is just temporary and not a sign that with Ghosn out, Nissan could be dragged down to Fuel Cells, like the other Japanese OEMs.

I mean, with the Leaf now being one of the few profitable electric cars in the market, the hardest work is already done, now it should be the time to expand and profit from the Alliance's First Mover Advantage.

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