Italy October 2018

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Nissan Leaf #1 in Hot Selling market

The Italian PEV market is on fire, with sales shooting up 107% YoY, to 8.368 units, with the 2018 PEV share at 0.5%, still an admittedly low value, but already twice as much as in 2017. 

Will plug-ins finally pick up?

While growth is always good, especially in a low share market like this one, the best part is that BEVs are growing faster (+150%)  than PHEVs (+77%). 

Looking at the best selling models, the Nissan Leaf is firm on the leadership, with 1.257 units, tripling sales regarding last year, followed by the Smart Fortwo ED and the Mini Countryman PHEV, with the British SUV climbing last month to the podium, at the expense of the Renault Zoe.

ther headlining news were the BMW 225xe AT, climbing to #5, thanks to a record 139 sales, while the midsize SUV Volvo XC60 PHEV jumped three positionds to #11, thanks to 40 deliveries, a new pb.

In a good month both for BMW and Volvo, the BMW 530e also broke its record, with 37 units, allowing it to reach #15, while the Volvo XC90 PHEV full-size yacht SUV was also on the up, having risen to #19. 

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Nissan (15%) is running ahead of Smart and BMW, both with 13%, while Mini and Renault are outside the podium, with 10% each. 

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