How Property owners become scammers

Each year, buildings and many houses are damaged by storms. Property owners become scammers that come to prey on people and the sufferers of unlicensed contractors that are inexperienced. Low-quality builders and devalue your property scammers might cause injury, steal your money and put you at legal, personal and financial hazard let all the frustrations! - scams start with a call over the phone, or a knock at your door, claiming to be a contractor. Sadly fraud businesses imitate contractors protect yourself by checking out your contractor, before agreeing to a review. Make any contractor you utilize is licensed, insured, and supplies 3 references.

To your security, the NSDC maintains a database of builders.

Scam Warning Signs - The following record represents the indications that business or the person you're talking with may be running a scam. Not properly authorized - No insurance or under policyholder - No local office - won't provide local references - Demands upfront cash or deposit - Shows up on convicted criminals and\/or sex offenders list - Out-of-State Contractors - Many excellent storm restoration companies have multiple offices around the country or travel to work in hard-hit storm areas. Simply because a contractor is from out of state, it isn't necessarily a reason to worry.

Nevertheless, as with any contractor you hire, you will want to do your homework and check the contractor out before signing a contingency agreement or contract to do any work on your property. If you do decide to employ a contractor that's based out of state, make sure they have a local office, or reciprocal relationship with a local contractor, who'll perform warranty repairs, if your contractor should leave the state. They flock to regions of the country that have been lately hit by damaging storms and attempt to fraud people who are in need of serious help - A temporary office or P.O. Box - Out-of-state telephone numbers - Out-of-state license plates - Staying in a hotel, or motel - No neighborhood reference - Don't know your area - You may avoid scams by collaborating with one of the extremely rated and experienced storm recovery contractors listed in our free directory.

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