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I saw there was a post on this recently, and after reading the comments saw there was some good advice, and some bad. In today’s world online and social media marketing are becoming not only important but actual tools to increase revenue and profit. There’s a bunch of ways to grow an IG account and a bunch of ways to tank one. This will be a long post, so I’ll try and break into bits.
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In all honesty, we don’t really know what the algorithm is, but understanding how it works is far more important. Basically, like Facebook, Instagram has a formula that ranks its content (posts) in the feed and in the explore page (more on the explore page later). It has variables such as time of post, total likes, and comments, hashtags, location, details on the account that posted, and even includes software to recognize what is in each post and boost or demote it that way. Therefore, if you tend to only like pictures that have luxury cars in them, IG will boost those pictures in your feed. If you only pics of food or dogs, IG will boost pics of food or dogs in your feed and explore page. Each account has a slightly different algorithm in this regard.

This is why it’s important first of all to understand your target audience and get in their shoes, not yours. So if your product is a technology that primarily benefits middle-aged woman, but you only post pictures of the technology, you won’t do as well as if you posted pictures that were applicable and likable by a middle-aged woman. Like and comments are your direct assessment of your post. If your audience like it, they’ll engage with you. If not, they won’t.


Probably the best improvement you can make on your content is the correct use of hashtags. Each post can have up to 30, so use 30. I also suggest “hiding” them in the comments section by posting them as a comment, but there’s no evidence to support that this truly makes a difference. Use hashtags relevant to your niche. If your niche is into cars, but your using hashtags like #hairstylistlove or #cutedogsoninstagram, IG will actually thank you for incorrectly “gaming” the algorithm.

There’s a couple of strategies you can use. 10/10/10 is a good start. Basically, there are big hashtags (over 500,000 posts), medium hashtags (50k-500k posts), and small hashtags (under 50k). You’ll see these ranges vary depending on who you ask, but for 10/10/10, I like these ranges. 10/10/10 basically means to use 10 big hashtags, 10 small, and 10 medium sized ones to properly market your post. Pretty simple. There’s also 25/5, and all smalls. In this case, I’d use 25 hashtags under 100,000 and 5 over, or all hashtags under 100,000.

The important thing with hashtags is to keep experimenting and find what works. Not all posts are going to do well in a good set of hashtags, and not all good posts require a good set of hashtags to do well. Ik that sounds confusing and tricky, but if you take the time, and put effort into making quality content, Instagram will reward you. They want people to USE the app, to SPEND TIME using their product. The more you use it the more you’ll gain.

There are also concepts in hashtags called shadowbanning, geotagging, tag stealing, and some other things as well. But I’m crunched for time, and if y’all want more I can do a part 2 going into more detail.


This is a tricky one but can greatly be used to your benefit. This mainly affects the explore page. Basically, you want to use a location that garners a lot of activity, and more importantly, people on their phones. Stadiums, famous malls, public monuments, or popular Instagram spots are good locations to use. I’ve had mixed results when using restaurants. If you’re trying to grow in a specific city this is wonderful. But make sure you get a little more specific if you’re just going to do a certain city. Use a neighborhood instead, i.e. Brooklyn not New York, Beverly Hill not Los Angeles.

Okay, I’m sorry guys I want to include more because there’s a lot more to use but I really have to go. If you are curious you can message me directly, or depending on the response I can make a part 2. Good luck, and keep grinding!

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