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Which has been growing in its shadow with money Bitcoin taking the spotlight in 2017? An increasingly prominent example: Litecoin. The 4th biggest money by market capitalization has gone this year that was vertical, with Litecoin prices exceeding 0 for the first time. Since the beginning of 2017, 7, 291% against 1 has been risen by Litecoin. Why the increase? There doesn't appear to be an event though to becoming more adventurous the surge in interest encompassing cryptocurrencies could have pushed on any investors. Some investors may believe bitcoin's price is overdone and are seeking investment opportunities. In the meantime, Litecoin became simpler to purchase this year, with Coinbase adding its listing and the cryptocurrency.

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What's Litecoin? Among Litecoin forked off the ledger in 2011. Litecoin totals 84 million while bitcoin has a total of 21 million. And Litecoin's market value is lower. Bitcoin might be utilized for like moving tens of thousands of dollars between banks, buying homes, buying cars. Litecoin and on the other hand. Has a former Google engineer. A shadowy figure compared to pseudonymous Nakamoto, Lee got involved from the year 2011 with Bitcoin. Not long after, he launched Litecoin, although not with the intent of actually creating an alternative cryptocurrency at initially. It had been an excuse to kind of learn the Bitcoin code, he said during a March Coinbase talk.

I decided that I can, in fact, create an altcoin that's better than what's out there. And lastly, it was fun to play around together with what's out there. He got serious about Litecoin earlier this year when he declared via Twitter plans to abandon the exchange Coinbase throughout the summer. Even though Nakamoto is no longer vocal about Bitcoin, leading current supporters to translate his seminal white paper, those together with questions regarding Litecoin need just ask Lee about his vision of cryptocurrency.

So why wasn't it a failure just like so numerous other early altcoins? Unlike numerous Other altcoins, when it first began, Litecoin wasn't too far behind Bitcoin. Even though Bitcoin mining uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm, which requires ASIC microchip technology, Litecoin uses the Scrypt algorithm. Since Script requires larger working memory, most ASICs manufacturers have been barred from creating a suitable technology.

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